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We do not currently have an annual enrollment window open. However if you are a new hire wishing to enroll, or need to make changes to your dependents or enrollment due to a life event click here.


The 2017 Wellness Rewards Program window ended on November 1, 2016. If you and your spouse completed the requirements and earned your Wellness Reward for 2017, your reward will be deposited in your healthcare expense account in January 2017! Don’t be concerned if your Wellness Reward amount is not displayed in the Total Rewards Café (enrollment system) in 2016. Your 2017 Wellness Reward amount will not appear in the system until January 2017.

Watch for information about the 2018 Wellness Rewards Program coming soon!


Welcome aboard!

You are embarking on an exciting career with Sysco. This part of your journey is dedicated to a valuable part of your Sysco employment—your Sysco benefits. This comprehensive benefit package is designed to help you improve or maintain your health, provide income protection should you become unable to work and help you prepare for a financially secure retirement.

Together, we make a significant investment in your physical and financial health. So we provide you with a lot of information to not only help you make sound decisions as you make your benefit elections, but also to help you use your benefits wisely throughout the year. Be sure to watch the videos, use the interactive tools, and read the FAQ’s found in the Helpful Tools section of this site before you make your benefit elections.

Remember, the benefits you may be eligible for through Sysco include a 401(k) Plan and an Employee Stock Purchase Plan. This site provides more information about these plans and we encourage you to take full advantage of them as you begin your employment with Sysco.

As you are accessing the enrollment section of the Total Rewards Cafe, be sure to check out all that the Total Rewards Café offers you. It will refresh regularly and summarize the value of everything you earn at Sysco and will include both Sysco’s and your contributions.

When you have questions along the way, when you are enrolling or anytime a benefits need arises, start with the expert representatives in the Sysco Benefits Center at 1-800-55-SYSCO Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–7 p.m. Central Time.

Now it’s time to get started! A wealth of benefits information awaits you.

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In addition to learning about Sysco and your new job, you also need to take action to take advantage of your Sysco Benefits!

Week 1

While we get our systems loaded with all of your data, you should be learning about your health benefit options. On this site you can read the Benefits Overview, Benefits Guide and watch the videos found in the Your Cooking Class section of the website.

Week 2

Review the Retirement/401(k) and ESPP portions of this site to evaluate these valuable benefits offered to you by Sysco.

Week 3

Call the Sysco Benefits Center at 1-800-55-SYSCO to confirm your deadline to enroll for your Sysco health benefits and when your elections go into effect.

Gather your dependent information and beneficiary information, including dates of birth and Social Security numbers. Even if you don’t plan to elect medical and dental benefits through Sysco, you will need this information for other Sysco-paid benefits.

Week 4

Visit SyscoBenefits.com and follow the link to the Enrollment site to complete the health benefits enrollment process. You may also enroll via phone by calling the Sysco Benefits Center at 1-800-55-SYSCO.

Logon to www.401k.com to enroll in the 401(k) Plan, and www.netbenefits.com to enroll in the ESPP.

You will use your health, 401(k) and ESPP system login credentials regularly, so save your login and password credentials in a safe, secure location.


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Sysco Benefits Center 1-800-55-SYSCO Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. CT

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